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About 3 months ago my calves, ankles, feet and hands began to swell. I went to the doctor and he gave me Lasix and Potassium and told me it was caused by the weather. (I've never heard of that?) Then around 3 weeks ago my arms and hands and legs sometimes, began getting numb and tingly. I mean really bad. I have had problems with my hands for several years which I believe to be carpel tunnel but never this bad. Now, even when I lay down to sleep it starts immediately. My arms and hands are waking me up at night with terrible pain. If I sit very long, my legs won't even hold me and just seem to want to go where they want to go until I can get the feeling back into them. I have never had any problem with swelling in my life, not even when I was pregnant, and I'm getting scared. And, the weirdest thing is that my husbands legs swelled up 4 years ago and to this day the doctors don't know what's wrong. Anyone have any ideas?