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Hi everyone. sorry it took so long for me to get back here.
Now take into mind that this was formulated for my speicific needs, everyone is differant so please dont think that the same combo will work for everyone. That sounded crabby sorry i didnt mean it to be.
I went to a Natural medicine doctor and this is what he found.
Problem with thyroid, kidney, cemical toxisity, allergies, infection and scars.
The supplements are from Standard Process Inc.
I take...
-Parotid(bovine parotid extract and magnesium citrate)
-Albaplex(Vit a, c, Niacin, vit b6)
-Cyruta Plus(Vit c Potassium, dried buckwheat, bovine adrenal cytosol, oat flour)
-Immuplex(vit a,c,e,b6,b12, floate iron zinc, selenium, copper, chromium)
I also put wheat germ oil on my scars.
I dont know if this is all in my head or not, but I do feel ALOT better. my pain level hasnt got above 3 in almost a week.
I was going to go back for a doc visit today but canceled it, the doc called me last night to make sure i was ok. How many doctors call when you cancel appts.? That blew me away. This doc REALLY CARES, its strange and nice to know that he DOES care. unlike that other doc i was going to. i think i found my new doc.
take care, gentle hugs:bouncing: