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So before work exercise will make you tired but after work it will wake you up? I think you should try a simple exercise program like walking for 30 min at lunch or before work. You don't have to kill yourself just get your body moving.

I just read up on the Scarsdale diet and it seems very programmed. According to what I read it's a low carb, no snack diet that encourages people to use appetite suppresants?

If you don't want to count calories I would use simple guidelines like portion restrictions. Meat the size of a deck of cards is about one serving (3 oz) If you select lean meat or fish that's lower calories. Eat the most nutritious foods that you can. Choose a variety of colorful fruits and veggies and eat whole grain breads, rice, pasta instead of the white kind. Most veggie portions are around a cup and rice is usually a cup cooked (half uncooked) Oatmeal is a good choice for breakfast. If you add a little nuts or raisins you'll get some healthy fat and a good source of potassium. Olive oil is good for cooking (use sparingly one tbs is 120 calories) Try eating some meals the same each day like breakfast or limit your variety. Studies show that seems to help with calorie control. Use a smaller dinner plate ( 9") since people seem to consume less if they use a smaller plate. Fruit, yogurt are good snacks and adding a little protein like nuts or peanut butter is better. Eating a few nuts 20 min before your meal will help control your appetite (takes your brain 20 min to receive the hormonal signal from your belly that you've eaten so it helps turns off that biochemical "I'm hungry" switch) Hope that helps. Good Luck.