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Doesn't that mean that you need more potassium in your diet?? I was having the same problems at night and started eating a banana a day before exercising and the problem went away (for now anyway) hope this helps!!
hi ktt,
yes I warm up and strech before I start a good 3 or 4 minutes or so, I drink water while I exercise bout 8/9oz or so.
''the pointing of the toes''? whats that mean? treadmill walking?

I wear good athletic socks and good tennis shoes.
when I first stated out my feet did get sore but there alright now.
My legs do have a lot of muscle they are like Leinn had mention ''bowling pin calfs''..lol.
My cramps come from the back of them(calfs) and up my leg.
just parolizes me...I can't move.

and to the other poster ''beanerz777'' thank you about mentioning the potassium, the last time I had blood work done all that was ok,and I eat about a half banana with my cereal for breakfast bout 3 times week, I guess my potassium could be low? I'll eat a whole banana and see if that helps with this, but banana's are pretty high in calories...grrrrr guess I need to check into the pills?
Thanks guys I appreciate your help.
I know if you do a high protien low carb diet you can get calf cramps usually at night. They say to take magnesium. It worked for me when I was getting them. Potassium w/ it probably wouldnt hurt.
Eat a banana like someone else mentioned or drink V8 Juice, as they both are high in potassium. Really, it helps and works! :)

You've probably resolved this issue by now, but I had this problem too. What's happening is you are flushing all your salts (including the all important electrolytes, Sodium and Potassium) out when you're sweating and drinking all that water. So all you have to do is replace them. Bananas are a great source of potassium and they did the job for me. Prunes are also an excellent source of potassium and they have the added bonus of lots of fiber. Both are commonly used by SCUBA divers to prevent cramps:)
It's important for everyone who drinks a lot of water to replace the elecrolytes they flush out. They are essential for healthy nerve function. The next step after leg cramps could be a seizure or even heart failure. No joke. My uncle lost consciousness while driving one day. Luckily he was fine, but the doctors said it was because his electrolytes were too low from drinking too much water!
oh ok thanks,
I did't know that about the ''electrolytes''
I do sweat a lot and I mean lot when I exercise my -t is soaking wet after bout an hour.
I walk around for five minutes after I stop exercising I probably drink about 16oz of bottle water during exercise and then another one after.
I just never had anyone to say that drinking to much water causing the flushing out with the sodium ,potassium, and electrolyets but that makes sense.