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Welcome back I am so glad to see you are able to post. I went thru the low blood pressure thing too. Turns out I was a pint low. So they gave me a pint of blood before I came home. The weird thing is I never felt bad or dizzy. Anyway I had to see my gp after I got out and we found that my potassium was low and that was part of the problem. How did you feel when you first woke up? I was in agony for about 3 hours then all the sudden I was pretty comfortable and very hungry. They actually let me have a sandwich and some pudding. Then I spent about 3 hours on the phone calling everyone. I didn't sleep all night my first night. Then the next day all I wanted to do was sleep. when I got home I couldn't sleep either I think I spent the majority of December wide awake. Now at 10 weeks out I am back to sleepy. Good Luck with your recovery and if you have any questions let me know.:wave: Dee