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Good question. I just grabbed a bar from the cupboard and it doesn't seem to have anything you can't have except for sucralose which I think is a much healthier Aspertame substitute which may or may not be equivalent to Splenda, which you are allowed. [[COLOR="Red"]removed] If you can I highly recommend the Atkins Endulge bars, they are fantastic! Especially the coconut bar it tastes almost exactly like an Almond Joy! The caramel nut one is also really good. I haven't tried the shakes, I bought some mix once and it said "not necesary to use a blender" but it was so lumpy and gross that I gave the rest away. If you could get the pre-made shakes they would probably be better esp on the run.

He took you off fruit cuz most (except berries) are absolutely full of sugar! A glass of OJ has more carbs than a chocolate bar! Ditto a banana. Yes healthier, potassium, fiber, natural sugar but still! I believe juice was my weakness cuz I too thought it healthy and had 2 glasses a day. Now I drink water, green tea, or diet pop. However if your nutritionalist said "follow Atkins" then berries are allowed after the first 2 weeks.

Also there are several diet pops made with Splenda, C-plus is one, but I have had others, just read the labels. I'm pretty sure one brand of root beer does which is kinda like Dr Pepper....