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Does Anyone Know? I Really Need To Know Is Potassium Something To Really Worry About?
low potassium can affect many different body system functions from muscle problems to heart rhythem.my son went thru a bout of low potassium before.if it is too low it can trigger a host of problems for your body to have to deal with.it can even trigger whats called V fib?ventricular fibrillation,which is a deadly heart condition if this is not corrected in time.

have you actually had yours tested and it came up too low or are you suffering some strange symptoms and wondering whats up?just eating a bannana every day helps alot in maintaining good potassium in your system.there are also suppliments or enough in just plain old vitamin suppliments to cover the reccomended daily allowence.FB
Yes very low potassium is dangerous. My has dropped just a litle and my doctor put me on potassium pills. Bananas are good for potassium build up and so are baked potatoes. The other poster was correct. Potassium
affects the heart.