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Hi all, I've been frequenting the Healthboards often these days because apparently my doctor(s) are stumpped.
I seem to always have a health condition that would mimick diagnosis except the test result will say another.
Then there are some that are an actual issue.

Maybe one of you have had similiar experiences and/or can help shed some light with this.

For a great long while, I've battled an eating disorder and as we all know, it causes health issues ranging from Electrolyte disturbances to something worse like death.
As for me-- since 00' to last year 06' (not so much now) I dealt with severe/chronic Hypokalemic issues (low potassium), dehydration, metabolic akla/acidosis. I was in/out of the hospital practically every other week or two--never home longer than several days/1-2wks w/o being back in.

I started to experience epileptic-like seziures-- had tests done (EEG) and got diagnosed with Epilepsy in the right temporal lobe. (result of lowK+, dehydration, low b/p, & low blood sugar)

Shortly after that I had an awful heartburn associated with weird numb sensation to the left side, plus dizziness, feeling like I can't breath properly, and frequent PVC's that didn't stop. I ended in the ER and apparently they said I had a heart attack (minor--not severe).
My MD wanted proof, so he sent me to an OP Cardiologist--had stress test and he said I didn't have M.I, however it DOES indicate damages in the lower back part of the heart and consistent PVC's/PAC's.
My MD was perplexed. One day I ended up in another hospital and I briefly explained the heart situation, and they ran test (ECHO). The hospital stated that I DID have an M.I., but luckly it was minor and in the back (not front).
--MD got very confused, so now my record shows 2 YES's/2 NO's--M.I.??
He told me that he went ahead and put down that I did.

Fastforward a year later, I kept having malnutitional issues that caused me to frequently have the "banana bag" + "sugar water" + NaCL w/K+ addition. Finally my MD forced me to have a J-tube inserted.
I would off/on use it, but was always afraid to "get fat again" (used to be 298lbs, got down to 102. At the insertion of tube, I was around 130'ish at 5'9).

Two years later I moved into my grandparents house along w/ my mom & bro in June. The following Dec, I landed in the hospital for what was supposed to be for K+ issues, but I ended up having fever/chills, extreme pain then sweat. It was on-going. The doctor at that hospital really are "learning" doctors, and they had already pegged me as "Psych pt" so I never really was treated like I should have been. Anyway, it turned out that I was dealing with Sepsis and Fungi-- bacteria & fungus infection in the blood. I had to have a 2wk course of antibiotic treatment. Just as I leave, no sooner than a week, I'm back in for the same problems except it'd be JUST Sepsis.

All this was in 03/04, again 04/05, and again 06 (summer).
In total-- I've had experienced Sepsis, Sepscemia, Bacteremia, and Fungi. All of which has occurred 2+ times and more (one of them had occurred 6x), yet no one knows "WHY" and chalk it up to me being "Immune suppressed."

Just recently (summer 06), I was in the hospital for GI purpose, came to find out that I now have severe Gastroparesis and CANNOT eat food by mouth (solid that is). During the stay (2.5 months), I had another infection. Meanwhile being there, they said that several test indicated that I have Lupus (ANA), but there were a couple that were negative. Meanwhile, as I was in there, a doctor decided to put me on Lyrica. I, to be honest, do NOT remember why..and after a bit of research, I thought it was another seziure med in addition to my Keppra. Well, I thought...I don't need it and skip a dose--ONE time, and all hell breaks loose. I get the "feet on fire" one day, severe edema the next. Then nothing (think everything's ok) then BAM...feels like walking on glass, then feels like ants are biting all over. So, now I can't stop the Lyrica or else trouble occurs.
I went to the hospital medical file and read the file on my last stay, and evidently the Lyrica was supposed to be an additional anti-convulsant to keep me safe.
....well, like that's gonna be the problem now. So since I got on it, I can't get off w/o repercussions. I'm now diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy with Intractable pain.

Since then, I have had 2 ER tests that had positive ANA, 1 ER tests said negative, and 1 MD test that said negative too--yet at that same time I was having a molar rash thing going on:confused:
My MD doesn't know what to do---she refers me to specialists, and when I tell her my diagnosis (X, Y, Z)...she questions it because HER test result from me states otherwise.

well, after her freakouts, I decided I needed a break from all the doctors--except I had to keep the G.I, Neuro, and Pain doc appts.

I'm unsure what's wrong with me, and if anyone were to guess...they'll think--Diabetes, because they generally have:
1. Gastroparesis
2. Peripheral Neuropathy w/ Intractable Pain
3. Epilepsy
4. Immune disorders (Lupus, Leukemia, cancer, etc...)
5. Chronic Pain
6. Chronic Fatique Syndrome
7. Severe Insomina

Strangest thing...my blood sugar is either low or normal, mostly normal unless I don't have fluids with sugar/feeding supplements.
My blood pressure is on the low side-- anywheres from 90/60 (best one) -to- 70/40.

I don't know what to do. Just a month ago I had what appears to be a mixture of scabies & chickenpox (recurrent, which means...Shingles). I constantly had to pick out the black scabs, sometimes they look like a "scratch" and I will pick them off, then bathe, then put scabie medicine (a year prior, my gpa had scabies...so the doctor ordered a bunch of medicine for all of us). No matter what I did/do, it seems to grow and multiply. It isn't DARK red like Shingles supposed to look, but it doesn't exactly ALL look like scabies either. I have what looks like partial scabies and a serious rash that looks like chicken pox without the itch.
Now, I still have some here/there...but now there's skin discoloration. I have my olive skin (mexican/irish mixed) with light pinkish/white pigmentation round spot here/there, some brown round spots (those are mostly on breast/chest area).

I have no idea what's going on, but I don't know if I can live with constant health problems.
I have all those health issues from 1-7, plus had kidney failure 2x, high bilrubin 1x, M.I. (?1x), Lupus (everyone, but my MD diagnosed me w/ it), Shingles/rash (whatever they are), bad memory (I lose time/days...), currently dealing with something new this month...clouded/blurry vision if upclose, but not if it's far (clear).
Oh, and this past week and half, I've been having a rise in body temp/fevers and sweats.
I'm in constant pain (on LA meds)-- lower Right abdominal region, Upper Left abdominal region...and (NEW) Upper Left Chest-to-side-to-back (under shoulder blades-scapula??)--it's very sharp. Sometimes I can't move and will have to somehow move other parts of my body in order to get the sharp pain to stop.

Anyone have any idea what's going on?
--and to add, my ed isn't active at this moment...too weak to exercise, and mind is dealing with other things (my health issues) to be obsessing. So I guess you could say it's "controlled" at this moment.

I want to thank anyone who got through this. I didn't mean for it to be so long-winded (a la'memoir):p So, I appauld anyone who read this, and if any of you have an idea of what this may be, or what's going on...I would love to help my doctor figure out why I'm falling apart at the age of 26:eek:

a'right bye-bye:wave: