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Many times bloodpressure can be controlled by lifestyle change. Too much sodium (salt) in the diet can keep bloodpressure too high.

If a person takes bloodpressure med and also eats high sodium foods, they actually out salt the med. A hypertension specialist claims, no salt, no hypertension.

My husband has high bloodpressure and recently it went out of control. I put him on the Kempner Rice Diet for 3 weeks and his bloodpressure returned back down to normal. We were out of town this past weekend and he ate in resturants and had no-no foods. Today his BP is too high again. He will need to strip his diet of salt (sodium) for a while again and try to find the happy medium in order to keep BP under control. He is on meds and had reduced meds due to a lower sodium intake and then it went out of control. I know why it did, he eats salty snacks at the computer all the time. Without salty snacks and low sodium meals his BP was normal.

It is a matter of eating a low sodium and high potassium diet that will make the difference in control or not.

Everyone is not sodium sensitive, but many, many people are.

Sodium is hidden in many things. I personally aim for no more than 1,000 mg. sodium per day.