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I have been trying to figure out what has been going on with me for quite awhile. I often read the posts on this particular board because of similar symptoms. I am scheduled for a abdominal ct scan tom and Im not sure if I should pay money if it is not needed. My symptoms come and go like a light switch. Here are my symptoms:

changes in bowel habits
Very blah not just tired but no energy
Low potassium level 3.0
terrible heart Palpitations (probably caused by low potassium but they wont go away even on supplements)
Odd sweating- weird bouts of armpit sweats during the day and cant sleep because I wake up burning hot. Its not drenching but wet and uncomfortable.
Red itchy dots on my body that will itch itensly and then go away.
Two hard lumps one directly behind the middle of my ear and one in my mouth. Both have been there over a year. Dr. say they are not sure what it is and keep an eye on it.
**edit**I forgot to add left sided upper quadrant pain right under the ribs.
All my blood work is with in limits but my wbc is pretty low 4.1
I also have protein, blood and leukocytes in urine but was told not to work about it.
Im at a loss and my dr thinks Im crazy. I have not felt well for a while and just want anwsers but I dont have money to waste. What do you think I should do? Is there a different test that I should ask for that may better suite my symptoms?
Hi Susie, Thank you for your reply. Ive been to several Dr.s and they are trying to put me on effexor. I dont want to go on anti depressents. I dont think I need them. Im worried about my potassium and my Dr is convinced I have an eating disorder. I dont. I am going to go through with the scan tom. but worry that Im wasting my money because my blood work is showing up fine except the potassium and borderline WBC. This has been going on for 2 yrs now and I just want to figure out what it is. Im not even worried about what they will find anymore:yawn: I just hope Im not wasting my money.