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i have leg pain also and most of it is related to restless leg syndrome. i know this because at night it is so bad and i can't keep my legs still. it is common with fibromyalgia.
i talked to my doctor and she prescribed Requip. it takes the edge of and i am not moving around trying to find a comfortable position.
she also told me to increase my potassium.
i just read my reply and it sound like a commercial, lol.
hope this helps,
I supposedly have Fibro also. One Doc says yes another says no. My legs hurt almost everyday in the same mamer you have described. Sometimes almost like a dull tooth ache. My knees feel week and it feels like and when they get real bad, it feels like the pain is throbbing in the shin bones. Sometimes this doesn't go away even if I take Vidodin and Tramadol. It is terrible. I also have trouble sitting in one spot to long. I've tried everything from magnisium to malic acid to potassium. Nothing seems to help.