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I have a healthier suggestion: that will work.

Instead of playing around with these otc which do nothing, my nutrishonist suggests the following, and it works wonders!...buy potassium(high potience/K form for better absorption) vitamin B complex 100mg, and I good multi vitamin.

Take 3 potassium in the am, 3 vit B am, 1 multi am, take three more potassium at lunch combined with mini meals throughout the day, no sugar, low salt, and tons of water......your body will thank you for the healthy approach and your energy and metablism will go through the roof.

You will be a burning machine..and the energy from the right vit and minerals will not have side effects. The vitamin B melts fat deposits.
really that works. does it matter the name on the potassium pill or could it be anyone in gnc.