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hi wilder,

I researched them bcs of changes I made in my diet recently..well, guess what? Frozen is better than dried..

you have to read the lables bcs some of them are overflowed with sugar and persevartives to keep them for a long time, therfore a lot of calories. Pretreatments in the drying process, such as the addition of sulfur dioxide, help protect some nutrients while degrading others. Sulfur dioxide preserves vitamins A and C but destroys thiamine. Many dried fruits are high in fiber, iron, potassium, and selenium — all important nutrients for maintaining healthy blood and muscles. They're especially helpful to people who suffer from anemia, so you might consider a daily handful of raisins if anemia is a concern for you.

a research paper from the univerity of pensylvania found that dired figs have the same amount of antioxidants as the fresh ones..so do some of the other fruits..

bottom line, the nutrional value is not the same if you can, use fresh, however they are pretty close:because of dehydration,1/4cup is equivalent to 1 cup of fresh fruits.