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If you took potassium 3 in the am and 3 at lunch your energy will return to what you once knew...trust me. and it is safe and your body is lacking it if your tired, very few adults have enough of it in their systems, try it, bet u will be surprised and pleased.
Thanks for the information. Where do you get potassium and in how many mg?

Any where you buy vitamins, and it comes in 50mg. Micro K is the best form of potassium you can take, better absorption, you can purchase it in 50/or 100mg. Everybody is different in their requirments try the 50 if your still tired up to 100.
Thank you. I just found this link: [url] ( REMOVED ) [/url]

it talks about potassium making your stomach upset if you take it in pill form. Have you had issues with this at all? Also, where do you get the brand you speak of, does Target carry it?

This could also explain my severe PMS. Potassium is supposed to help with that too.