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this could also just be a matter of low magnesium or potassium.try taking just a multivitamen(or just seperate potassium or magnesium tabs) for a few days in a row and see if this doesn't help.these two minerals are much more important than alot of people realize in just keeping muscles up to par.when my son was in liver failure,all of his body chemistry was off,he developed really nasty leg cramps one week because of low potassium,then the next week he developed actual muscle contortions in his arms,really horrid muscle flipping in his hands that would make them just snap around.it was really crazy to watch.this was just from very low magnesium.just try the vitamen thing,it may help.if not,well then it is something you can at least rule out.hope this goes away soon for ya.marcia
Hi: I had this problem for years, but it wasn't after back surgery. You might fond out that this is related to your area of fusion, but for muscle cramping (charlie horses) calcium, magnesium, and potassium is recommended. You can also add vitamin K and manganese. I found that using begal oil helped a lot, and I don't know if they still make that. You have to buy it at a tack shop, but it works better than the topical muscle creams you find at your drug store. Ask your Dr about it to see if it's related to your area of injury, but using the begal oil, if you can find it, won't hurt anything. The vitamins will help you to heal faster as well since they are all bone building vits, and will also help to slow normal bone loss which starts with *everyone* around 30. Bone loss happens to us all, not just the octogenarians:) so fight it now...:bouncing:

Good luck:wave:
Desert Bloom is correct! Your body needs calcium/magnesium/potassium for proper muscle contraction.

I had the horrible leg cramping after fusion surgery. Only mine would grab and travel into my groin and last for hours upon hours.

I was calling pharmacies all around to see what their customers use and what they might recommend that I could try OTC, as this was on a weekend. I stumbled onto an Alchemist pharamcy in my area and the guy took much time to explain what was probably going on with my body from the drugs, surgery and recovery. The body is OUT OF BALANCE after all this trauma and abuse.

He said if I did anything.. get a good calcium/magnesuim supplement. I was desperate and went and got some that day. Well that night.. NO CRAMPS at all and they stayed away! I was skeptical but desperate and it worked great for me. Best of all, it's natural and your body needs it.

Keep the healing going.. it's gets better!:wave: