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NOTE: I'm reposting this edited b/c I wanted to add current info/update. See bottom for update.

A couple days ago, Kia (my daughter) woke up my mom saying her legs were weak & had been hurting before she woke her up. She could barely walk & need to lean against one of us to do so. We took her to the ER, and long story short, after some labs & a quick look over, was sent home not knowing what was wrong. She had started a new ADD med a few days prior & told that MAY have been it. However, we were told by the pharmacy that wasn't listed anywhere as a side effect.

Fast forward to today. I came home from work at 10pm, and my mom informs me that Kia's psych doc's nurse called & said something was seen in one of her blood tests & needs an EKG.

#1 I'm upset b/c I wasn't called at work & told such EXTREMELY IMPORTANT info about MY daughter.

#2 I don't understand how her doc got ahold of the labs b/c she didn't order them.

#3 If something was wrong, why didn't the ER doc see it in the tests?

In any case, this all really worries me. She was born w/ heart problems but was told at her last heart echo about 3 or 4 years ago that she was completely OK...nothing there anymore. We assumed it was a miracle or something b/c she had holes in her heart & valves that didn't work right. That wasn't just supposed to POOF disappear

Now, I'm wondering if the tests just wasn't messed up, and she's been suffering this whole time. She's been thru 2 surgeries on tonsils & adenoids b/c of sleep apnea, and she still has problems sleeping good. She's treated for asthma b/c of being out of breath when she is real active, but she still gets out of breath despite treatment.

I see all this, and I combine it with the fact that she has experienced a lot of joint popping & pain. Then I can't help but wonder if I might've given LUPUS to my daughter. All that crap can be signs, and there is childhood/juvenile onset lupus.

I'm so scared & don't know what I would do if anything ever happened to her. PLEASE, PRAY FOR ME...FOR US!!


I talked to the nurse today before taking her to her tests. I was told her Potassium (K+) & White Blood Cells (WBC) her pretty elevated, and her glucose was low.

Do you have ANY idea what would cause this or what complications can arise?

I know that high K+ can cause heart problems, esp heart attack. I know that high WBC usually means infection. I know that low glucose could mean hypo or hyperglycemia. I just want to find out more & why this is all going on at once.