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I used to have the same issue, I find extra water on these days, along with extra b vitamins and an extra potassium, helps me to stear clear of the craving due to pms.

I guess it just comes down to hormones and the fact that the body becomes slightly anemic during this time. Potassium supplements will take care of the issue, and the postassium Micro K sold OTC at the pharmacist is best.

Your losing fluid on the first bad days of PMS, so your body needs the extra water, and your brain confuses that with food, and your hormones tell you that food should be sugar...don't give in!

You can beat it!
[QUOTE=clarahackworth;2917076]I am right with you! It is that time for me also and I have way to mugh chocolate in the housfrom Easter, and yes I have been eating it. My weigh in day is Monday and I am dreading it!

Having the same problem. Got it yesterday. Great tip about potassium Izing2 thanks. I have been doing so good. Well tommorow is another day.