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Earlier today, I was having occasional, minor chest pains (I wasn't doubled over or anything), and I would feel for my pulse right after it happened. It was strong and rapid, maybe irregular too. This didn't last long. There were probably three or so separate incidents--only today, and all before/during lunch.

Later this afternoon, I was sitting in a class, and out of nowhere suddenly started feeling dizzy. It was all over in a couple of seconds. I've had something similar happen before, but the only common thread I can come up with is bad weather (the other time, I hadn't slept well or eaten anything that day; today, I had eaten and slept reasonably well--I never sleep very well.)

Here are other stats that may help: 26-year-old female, about 30 lbs. overweight, on Wellbutrin XL. I have been taking potassium and a B12 complex once a day since Monday (can't remember exact dosages, but nothing too heavy as far as I know.) Maybe a bit stressed; I've kind of been "forgetting" to breathe now and then.
Oh, I forgot to mention that I've been on Wellbutrin for four years. I did have all of those at first, but it hasn't been an issue for a while. I was wondering if it was the potassium, since I know that's got something to do with heart rhythms, but I couldn't get an excess in less than a week, could I?