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Oops I forgot to answer your question... I am 33 years old and started feeling bad with these symptoms exactly 2 years ago... they diagnosed me with pots, officially, March 2007....... so fairly new to it also butyou cant help to learn about it quickly.... for 2 years they said i had anxiety disorder because when I stood up etc my heart would race..... then they said oops sorry no you have pots and whatever anxiety you might have comes from having pots and not feeling well... in other words, they tell me know that if i didnt have pots whatever anxiety i have would go away.....

I ended up in the ER about 1 month ago becasue i had very low potassium levels..... anyway while I was there I kept asking them for some water,,,,rememeber we have to drink all the time..... but they said while in the ER they cant give you water.. I told them I had this conditionthat requires me to drink water but they still wouldnt budge..... after 7 hours and no water they released me but guess what.. I was too dizzy to even get out of my bed and my heart was up to 180.. the ER doc said I may not let you go now.. I reminded him to get me water and told him I knew why this was happening.... after 4 glasses of waters sure enough I was much better and they let me go..... frustrating when docs dont know what you have.....
[QUOTE=beeatrice;3003312]do you feel dizzy at those times or all the time? anything you can advice in dealing with it?
I don't really feel dizzy when I sit down, no.

My best advice in dealing with it is this:
1. Stay hydrated- if you get dehydrated it will be a million times worse. I suspect this is why some of the above posters have trouble in the sun. I carry a water bottle everywhere with me and am constantly sipping from it.

2. Don't lock your knees- if I stand up for long periods of time I have to walk around, I can't just stand in one place. I need to be very careful not to lock my knees.

3. Eat salt. Seriously, a high salt diet and high potassium diet helps.

4. Expect the effect- if you anticipate how you are going to feel, it's really better than having it suprise you. It makes it seem more normal, and if you don't get scared by it, you don't get the adrenaline further pushing up your heart rate.

5. Don't change position quickly. Thank you captain obvious, I know. I dangle my feet for awhile when I get up, and stand up slowly, especially first thing in the morning.