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My son has allergies.. and he can be a stinker. He goes from forced constipation beause he refuses to go to really loose multi-colored BMs. Many things can cause variations in BM color.. from medication (anti-biotics... Omnicef is my favorite - blood red stool, mineral supplements, etc..) to diet and artificial food dyes.

Color can also be attributited to dyes in food the biggest ones are red and blue dyes. Red dye can give you black to dark red stool coloring. In particular blue food dye and coloring will turn your stool green. We noticed this when my son complained he had a pocket of green in his bottom staining his poop. His poop was green granny smith apple green.. well every one in the family and other friends had the same experience the after Dori - Blue fish B-day cake frosting eating incident we all had green poop.

Other things that will do it.. Trix cereal and lucky charms.. yeah, I had to eat some to confirm this out come. Turned me green too.

Eating more greens and eggs also induces green poop and increased sulfur content. Bacteria being off in the dietary tract is another source.

What do we do? If their is bad odor in conjunction with the discoloration we get activa yogurt and some fresh fruit.. blend it into a fruit slush and freeze it until it is the texture of soft serve. My son hates slime and goo.. freeze it up and he is good. The only other way we get it down our son is to get a healthy helping of the fruit in the activa and mix it with the activa.. make a yogurt covered fruit dish that will go down with encouragement. If your child likes yogurt more power to you and praise your lucky stars.

I am betting it is part diet and maybe a dietary tract imbalance. Has she been on anti-biotics of late.. been ill? To firm up the poop look into feeding her bananas and fruit hi in calcium and potassium. These fruits will cause constipation in most kids of normal stools, but should firm your child up.

Best of luck to you.