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Can you take vitamins currently? If so I suggest you pick up the most potent for of Vitamin B 12 you can purchase as well ask your Pharmicist for Micro K Potassium supplement...only sold OTC.
Take the Vitamin B daily 4 tablets in the am, lunch, dinner same with Potassium...if your still feeling tired then up the Potassium until the tiredness goes away. You can safely take these supplements without harm.

These two supplements together will help not only your blood chemistry but also help break down fat deposits in your system.
In junction with these two things you will need to follow a strick diet, at least 14-20 glasses of water a day, the water will flush the fat fast, and rehydrate your system so all organs are working properly for surgery. I know it seems like a huge amount but if you intake water more than the 8 glasses, since you are trying to lose weight, it will work.
Also try eating the following servings of protein a day 3.4 oz, 2 servings of veggies 8oz; 2 small servings of grains/bread; and substiute fruit for the time being with Jello light...you can have 3 cups a day. If you break this up to eat throught the day in mini meals you will not be hungry.

This is a CDN doctor's diet that will guarentee results but you have to follow it to the letter, and not cheat, no sugars, no caffenine, no alcohol.

Even without exercise you will lose weight fast on this..and as long as you stay away from sugars and processed junk you will keep the weight off.....it is safe, healthy, and once you start feeling better you will exchange your jello for fruit 2 servings, and add unlimited veggies and another protein into your diet..you can then up your protein servings to 4.5 oz each..you continue with the water and hello new KKMom....

Be strong, and hang in there with your back, I hope that the surgery finally ends the pain you are suffering. In my thoughts