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The ingredients:

Just if your wondering what the ingredients do in the mix...

"They are rich in antioxidants,bioflavonoids and enzymes, which improve immune function, flush out cellular waste, neutralize fat-storing toxins and blosk the absorption of diet-sabotaging fats."

Cayenne Pepper:
"Cayenne is a natural metabolic stimulatant.. so it also cuppresses appetite and cravings, helping people eat less food effortlessly". Just sprinkling cayenne pepper on your meal could boost your ability to burn fat by 10% or more for up to three hours.

Maple Syrup:
Small, regular doses of this concentrated plant extract deliver the calcium, potassium, copper, zinc, and other minerals that an overworked immune system needs to heal. "By providing cells with a steady supply of energy, pure maple syrup prevents the breakdown of metabolically active muscle tissue -a common problem with rapid weight loss".