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Is plaquenel a standard medication that people with SLE are supposed to take??? I was diagnosed with SLE in Dec of last year, and Lupus Nephritis IV two weeks after - had 5 rounds of chemo (cytoxan), now on Cellcept due to complications with the chemo. Started off on 60mg of prednisone, now at 30mg, plus many other medications as well - norvasc (HBP), acyclovir (shingles), potassium (low levels), actonel (osteo), iron (anemia), calcium (bones), zoloft (depression), prenatal vitamin (xtra vitamin), restoril (insomnia), antivert (nausea), baby aspirin 81mg (blood thinner), lasix (fluid retention), Lortab (pain), but never has plaquenel even been offered or even talked about by my rheumy.

Is there anyone with SLE that is not on this medication, and why not? I'm still learning so much, and trying to learn as much as I can. I'd really appreciate as much input as possible....thanks!!!