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Two times in the past week, I have woken up feeling cold, but sweaty and shivery, fever-like symptoms. This was coupled with a touch of the runs and needing to go to the toilet more often than normal. I also have a sore ear (ear infection?), and my head hurts like hell every time I look up or stand up.

The strange thing was that it went away the first time after almost a full day (tuesday) and now it's saturday and it's back again!

The only reason i'm concerned is that some time last year I was in hospital after vomiting flourescent green multiple times. They put me on a drip and sent me off home with an anti-emetic. They said that my serum potassium levels were raised, indicating a kidney issue.

Even as I write this i'm starting to feel better!

If someone could maybe suggest wether this is worth hitting casulty (this seems extreme, but it is a saturday. I don't bother doctors with trivial things generally) or seeing a doctor about it would be much appreciated.