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thanks for the reply naxis! :)

what does spasm mean? is that the same as cramps?

the stairmaster doesnt make my leg hurt.

My leg only hurt (and starts) when i go down the stairs (doesn't hurt when climbing). Once it started hurting, it continuous to hurt, but after walking for a while, the pain subsides

I didn't walk down the stairs as much today as i did yesterday. And my legs didn't hurt that much. That's why i use the stairmaster today for 1hour, 10min on bike, 10min on stepper.

I think its been 4months (or more), since I do stairmaster for more than 1 hr...

And i have a feeling that not stretching before and after i jump unto the stepmaster is the culprit for the pain i'm feeling...

I still can feel pain whenever i stretch the leg (holding my ankle and stretch it towards the back. But other than that, i feel fine.

Oh and one more thing, i'm not sure if i lack potassium or some vitamins, but recently, i develop cramps easily. I did the stretching (mentioned above) today, and my lower leg muscle cramped so bad that i have to sit down
A spasm is very similar to a cramp, though in most cases people use the terms interchangably. It's an involuntary contraction of muscle fibers that can be quite painful and there are a lot of possible causes. Are you drinking enough water? Do you get enough electrolytes (calcium and potassium specifically)? If you can, when going down the stairs, try to do it in a way that doesn't aggrivate the soreness. If it's some kind of injury, preventing its onset will speed your recovery. Drink plenty of water, make sure you're getting your minerals and do your stretching after exercise when muscles are warm and more pliable. You might do only light stretching until the pain is less frequent in case there is some injury there.
I THINK I may have lacked in the potassium... because i noticed i get cramps easily these past few days.

I walk down the stairs today (quite slowly, like an old person LOL), and it didn't hurt!

I think i might have overdone my cardio and didn't do stretching before hopping into the machine.

I always do stretching from now on.

Thanks for your advice Naxis! :)