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when you have a noticable "shrinking' of muscle,it is usually one of two things or even a bit of both.when that nerve/muscle connection is lost there is nothing to trigger it anymore so it does atrophy from lack of use,but on the other hand,when we are suffering pain in a particular area,we don't tend to even try to use those muslces either just because they trigger pain.when we are walking,we tend not to take the full step anymore,limp?(i only know because my legs are a huge problem)but his alone will cause some level of atrophy because the full muscle is not being excercised and maintained as normal.you know what i mean?i tend to actually lift and limp now not take the actual step like i used to just because of pain issues in my knee.and it IS showing itself,and this is my good leg too.

muscle cramping can also be caused by nerve issues or even a depletion of potassium or magnesium.it wouldn'thurt to just try taking a good vitamin suppliment to see if things change at all as far as the cramping goes.or just eat a bannana a day,that would work for the potassium thing.i live with a certain level of spasticity in both legs from SCI and one of the best things i do for this before i go to bed is to take a nice hot soak in epsom salts?this is basically pure magnesium(natures little muscle relaxer?)the mag actually gets absorbed thru the skin itself and right into the musles.this helped alot with my night spasms and simple muscle cramping.it is very relaxing for alot of reasons.just a suggestion for you.it really does help the muslce relax.if you have any trouble sleeping at night,i would highly recommend trying the epsom.they are pretty cheap and can be found in any drug store.its always worth trying anyway.Marcia
I have that too. It has improved from swimming a ton. If you can get in a jacuzzi and find a jet and put that on your calf that helps a bunch too with the tightness. Its just atrophy it will improve after surgery, but just shows you have muscle weakness and that's one of the doctors indicators for surgery. try to continue to stand on the bad one rather and massage that cramps in the leg. eat bananas to for potassium that avoids muscle cramps