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Its funny to see your post, as the reason I logged on was to ask about a similar problem. For at least the last 15 years, I have had constant twitching of both my calf muscles. Sometimes I hardly notice it. Other times I can tell that they are twitching without looking at them. My calfs often look like there are a bunch of little animals running back and forth under my skin. I have asked several doctors what they thought the problem would be. Many have asked about my potassium intake (I eat at least 1 banana every day). Some have said that it might be due to some other chemical imbalance, but they have had no suggestions as to how to determine which chemicals. One suggested a nerve problem but had no suggestion how to test for a nerve problem, or what to do if one exists.

In other words, I haven't yet gotten an answer that has done me any good. I hope you do.