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To LuAnn, What I just read is like reading what my life has been like since I had a crown-lengthening procuedure done in 2000. My teeth were in perfect shape, I had 10 porcelain veneers on my teeth by an excellent dentist. After moving to another state in late 2000, a dentist insisted I have a crown-lengthening procedure before replacing a cap/crown. Many thousands of dollars later, at least 17 dentists later, and pain that has not stopped in the area of my mouth/jaw where the oral surgeon cut.... I am at a loss as to what to do. Immediately after the procedure, I became very ill and was hospitalized after being placed on antibiotics. I lost 27 pounds within 2 weeks and was very close to death when my husband drove me to my doctor's office. I had a 5-day stay in the hospital, and was close to having a heart attack because of dehydration and low potassium. All of the dentists I've seen have no answers for me. I have had root canals, had a tooth extracted and now am told I need a bridge to fill in the gaping hole in the back of my mouth. However, my latest dentist is sending me to a
specialiast because the space that was left from the extraction has now become smaller and it appears a bridge will not fit into that area unless I agree to have braces! I had braces when I was a teenager! I use topical Lidocaine prescribed by a pain specialist to apply to the tooth in front of the one that was extracted. BTW, the extracted tooth was the tooth that originally had a crown placed after the horrific crown-lenghening procedure.
The crown never fit properly, had to literally be drilled out of my mouth and then replaced with another crown. Then the tooth in front and in back of the tooth #14 began hurting. I have been in so much pain, I want relief!
I cry every day and night with this horrible pain. Lidocaine helps for about 5 minutes, then I'm in pain again. I had one root canal done by a "group" of dentists. Turned out they did it without anesthetic! I had never had a root canal before and had no idea what they were getting ready to do to me. My knuckles were white while they drilled and pushed and finally finished. I'm allergic to all non-steroidals (Motrin, Aspirin, Advil), and I'm also allergic to about 15 pain medications. I have lost all faith in dentists, and feel a seeping, oozing yucky junk in my mouth which comes from
the tooth in front of the one that was extracted. I tell my dentists this, they take x-rays and tell me nothing's wrong.
I have night sweats, am sick to my stomach all the time, have very little energy, the left side of my upper jaw feels like it gets a bulge or lump after I eat anything at all --- the pain is astounding! I brush my teeth at least 8 times a day and floss. Now, I'm told I have gum problems (which I never had before the crown-lengthening procedure)... I lisp when I talk or try to sing. Sometimes I can't pronounce words. I need help. I'm asking anyone out there (LuAnn, if you're still around and read this, please get in touch or post to let me know how you're doing) to help me! I'm an RN. I've watched many people suffer and held them in my arms. I am a loving, compassionate person. This has and is a nightmare for me, my husband and my son. They see me suffer from this day and night.
I feel if I could find a competent dentist or dental school, they would find I have systemic infection from the original surgery done in 2000. My life changed the day that surgery was performed.
May God help LuAnn, and also help me and all those who suffer at the hands of inept dentists.
I will check to see if anyone can help me.
Thank you, for reading and listening. There's more to my "story," but I'm in pain right now and must apply some topical Lidocaine to my left upper area of my mouth. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. NO ONE.