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Thanks! I was just looking into a protein supplement as well. I had a feeling the Creatine would be a little much, thats why I came here, lol. Last time I dropped all the weight I remember eating chicken like there was no tomorrow, lol. This time around it seems like the more protein I eat, the queezier my stomach feels. I will definately look into the protein supplement. I currently take a regular multivitamin, fiber supplement (due to health issue), and a potassium supplement (keeps my leg muscles from cramping at night). What's one more supplement, lol - as long as it helps, it's totally worth it. I know losing weight is a long road - I lost 60 pounds about 4 years ago. This time around, I want it off FOREVER, lol. I'm just looking forward to starting to see results, I hate being at the gym and feeling like I'm getting nowhere (although I know better) - seeing results just gives me that extra kick in the butt, lol.