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Hi All,
I'm fine now...I just got off the phone with my chemo nurse & told her I'd awakened to my heart pounding around 100 beats a minute. That's unusual, because I took something to help me sleep last night, along with other med's and I was worrying I'm throwing my electrolytes off.
They have me on an antibiotic (Cipro) for a bladder infection, and heavy potassium 2X daily.
I asked if I should stop anything, and the nurse said, "no."
I still feel anxious-like. She said my fast heartbeat could've been "dream imposed," too....not that I'm aware of....I was pretty much sound asleep.
After I saw Linda's post about potassium and too much can throw your heart into arrythmia, it scared me. These pills are GIGANTROUS (?) horse pills! On my bottle is reads, "Potassium CH CR 20M TAB" One tablet by mouth, twice a day for 7 days. I have 4 pills left.
I suppose it can be nerves, too....? But, now that I'm nearing the 'almost' end of chemo, there seems to be more things cropping up.
They seem pretty emphatic about me finishing everything I was given last week at Emergency.
I'm probably over-reacting again.
Thanks for any input.
Arrythemia is not a fast heartbeat but an irregular heart beat. Tachycardia is a fast heartbeat and can be caused by anxiety, panic attack, certain meds.
When it happens try and calm yourself with taking your mind off it. Hold your cat. Go sit outside. Stay away from caffiene for a day. Potassium regulates
your heart beat and rhythm. Drink plenty of water when taking your Potassium. Sometimes when you feel your heart racing it is good to talk to anyone to just get your mind off it. I have a fast heartbeat all the time. It is
always 100 so when I get an anxiety attack and it goes faster it is very scary so I know what you are feeling. I just try to make believe it is not happening. The more you focus on it the faster it will race. Alot of meds can cause a rapid heartbeat. The best thing you can do for your body is
eat healthy, drink 64oz of water a day and rest and do exercise when you can. These are basic whether you are ill or not. You are doing good.
Stay strong.

Hi Linda,
My goodness. Your heartbeat is always around 100? That's pretty fast for normal, isn't it?
I probably wouldn't have been so scared, had it not been "pounding," too.
I know what you mean about diverting your attention. Throughout chemo, I've been my own worst enemy by obsessing over every little thing that happens. But,--just like last week, had I not called, I wouldn't have known that I was in dangerous territory with my blood sugar. So, I guess it's a good idea to keep our chemo staff informed. They say nothing is "too small" to report.
I think you're right about the water-thing. I have a tendency to not drink enough, even though I try...especially up to 5 days after chemo, when I'm not wanting to even look at food or drink. And, I know...that's when you need it the most, right?
I'm going to try to chew ice chips this Friday (God willing) at chemo. I've been thinking of things to take to help keep me on track. I seem to be o.k. with about the first few bags, but that really big, nasty one that has made my heart pound, from day #1 (not sure exactly which one) I SO dread !!
When it starts, it's usually a "given" that I'm going to turn white. I look around at the other people (yes...some much older, in their 80's even) talking, laughing, reading, and I think, "Why can't I be like that? Why do I want the curtains drawn, no t.v. on, no reading matter..." My husband calls me a "fragile flower." LOL.. I guess I'm just sensitive, and whatever I have to do, to get me through this---so be it! Right?
When I woke up this morning (I actually slept in) I felt back to normal. Perhaps the potassium is getting my electrolytes back on track...plus, I'm eating much better. I've put the doughnuts "on hold" for now, and I'm drinking Carnation Breakfast Drink (mixed in the blender with a banana) in the morning (tip for you, Kayla...it tastes good & good for you). Hopefully, these next few days will allow me to feel as normal as I can and I so badly want to visit some of my family, and also shop. I guess I was a "shopoholic" before, and didn't even know it! Shopping....even window shopping is good for us gals, isn't it? My husband told me I better wear a "Michael Jackson" mask, so I don't get exposed to viruses !! I don't think so. I'll be careful.
Thanks for the info, as always.
Love, S.
P.S. Forgot to ask: How's Donnie doing???
Yes, you said a mouthful about the internet, not always being correct.
Prior to my diagnosis, I was about ready to give up. Then I found this forum immediately afterward, and I finally experienced hope. I was finding all kinds of bogus sites---I try not to do that anymore.

Have you talked to your brother today? Do you speak with his medical team, too? I know you're in Virginia and he's in Florida, so getting to speak with anyone, especially long-distance, is probably difficult. Is there a possibility of them seeking help elsewhere, like someone recently here---like "The Cleveland Clinic?" I notice people from all over the world go there. I think those twins from Indonesia were just there...although I don't think they could be separated, due to the brain being connected.
I can only imagine your despair. I think sitting by and feeling helpless with loved ones, is especially hard. I've had some members of my family (and I know they mean it) say they wish they could "take some of my pain," when I'm in the thresholds of sickness.
My good news---I actually went out yesterday. Mind you--it was not easy. But, I did some banking and shopping. I am soooooo winded easily. So, I just did what I could. It's amazing how much better I felt for just having seen "the real world" instead of hospitals and doctor offices and my own bed. I'm going out again today, briefly. I'm trying so hard not to get sick. When the kids are back in school, that's when all the viruses start.
Yes, if I have chemo on Friday (I find out tomorrow, since my potassium and blood sugar was so low) I will have ONE MORE! Oh dear God, please let it happen. I so pray that Kayla on here, will be there, too, very soon. She's had such a rough time so far. None of this is easy.
I read about chemo possibly 'not affecting' people....WHERE ARE THEY? I've read that on reputable cancer sites (American Cancer Society,) and I can't IMAGINE it not. It's affected just about everything on me---I'm starting to get those dreaded "liver spots" on my arms & legs. Anyone know what to do about those? I'm going to have them "zapped" later.....maybe. If I can afford it.

So, Dear Linda, I'm praying for you and your brother.

Miracles DO happen, and you just never know. I've talked about how strong the human spirit is---I truly believe that.

I'm going out again, before it all starts again tomorrow.
I'm incredibly weak, but I'm getting glimpses of what's to come---MY LIFE!
By the way, I finished my potassium supplements, and I believe they really helped. From now on, I'm going to try to eat much better---although when Amanda mentioned "chocolate cake," I've had it on my mind ever since. LOL!
Happy Wednesday.
Love you all.