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Speak to your pharmacist about side effects from your drugs. I noticed my leg spasms got worse when they upped my glucophage. I was dropping potassium too fast and now they have me on a potassium supplement and it has helped. DO NOT just go out and stop popping potassium though as it may aslo e too MUCH potassium especially if you are on gluco for diabetes.
[QUOTE=Shashi;3192852]Hi Index, I drank diet sodas for over twenty years, ever since they started using aspartame for sweetner. I've stopped drinking them in the past six months, just in case, ...
Who knows? But I think it's better to be safe than sorry, so no diet Pepsi for me!

I can completely relate. I've been seriously addicted to Diet Coke since it was introduced in 1982. I don't use the term "addicted" lightly either. Other than during my pregnancies, I only just stopped about 3 weeks ago and the withdrawal was pretty difficult.

Whether or not aspartame actually causes neurological problems or not, I couldn't say. I do know that there is serious money involved on the side that says "not". Would doctors be bought off by that money? No, I really don't think so. BUT they DO believe the information that they are given and money does control the flow of information. So,who knows?

Those who believe that aspartame is dangerous also warn about the dangers of MSG - monosodium glutamate (which is in more products than you'd think). Both are considered "excito-toxins". So, you might try to avoid that one, too. You have to read labels carefully.

Magnesium is a supplement recommended by some as a "muscle relaxant". It might be worth a try for both you and Thumper. Do NOT exceed the daily RDA, though. If you prefer a more natural approach, increase your consumption of nuts and red meat.

As previously stated, low potassium is known to cause muscle cramps, especially in the legs. Bananas and orange juice are good, natural sources of potassium.

There is a book that you might find interesting called "Hungry for Answers" which is not in bookstores, but can be found over the internet. Although quite technical, I found it very thought-provoking (and NO, I do NOT receive any proceeds from this book).

Good luck and God Bless to both you and thumper!