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Hi All, (I tried to edit this to "treatment #7" instead of "Round #7"
Somehow I just can't figure it out...)

...Just got back from blood work & Oncologist visit.
Apparently, my blood work is o.k., except for my potassium, which I have to continue taking mega doses. Doc said it's an accumulative effect for me. In other words, chemo is playing havoc with my immune system.
They left my port-thing in, which is good--so, it can be accessed easily tomorrow. That's one less thing to worry about.
I, once again, asked if I "have" to have radiation, and my doc's pretty adamant about it. I'm so worried about the side-effects---the immediate side effects, and of course, the worry of secondary cancers. He told me my throat may get pretty sore---great.....it's always something.
Of course, he knows best & I'm certainly going to follow doctor's "orders."
So, I'm home thinking, "Can I do this 2 more times???"
I'm taking Slim Fast's (in a can) with me tomorrow, because I think one reason why I get such bad headaches, is that nothing appeals to me (food-wise)..and so I sit there, with my blood sugar dropping....And bammo--nasty, nasty headache. Throughout all of this, I've been able to drink milkshakes...and Slim Fast's are kind of "milk-shakey."
I'm already dreading chemo, as if I were already there. THEN---I can't get my Neulasta shot until Tuesday, due to the holiday---Maybe that's a good thing.
Anyway, just thought I'd post.
Alison....if you're reading this---did you get your scans done?
I've been thinking about you.
Kayla---you're being quiet again. I hope you're feeling better.
Ails---you must be busy, busy....
Amanda---are you scheduling your vacation yet?
Signing off....
Happy Labor Day Weekend (almost) to everyone. :)
Love, S.
Hello Singer,

That is good that all your other labs were normal. If just your potassium is low than that is not so bad. Once you get dehydrated like you were that is why your (k) potassium is struggling to climb back up. It will get there. Just
drink you water along with the Slim Fast. Water is the best for your body to lubricate your organs especially kidneys, bladder, stomach.

I know that you are worried about the radiation but the chance of secondary cancer is 5% and 2% for leukemia. My brother was just not lucky. Did you
ask what the percentage is on seconday cancers with the type of radiation they are using. They have newer machines now that have even lower doses.

You mentioned that you are keeping your port in.....where they talking about taking it out? Why if so? Keep it in until you are done with everything, including the radiation. Unless they are worried about infection or you are having problems with it, keep it in. It just needs to be flushed but it is good to keep it until you are done. My opinion so if they feel otherwise follow their

By some miracle a different pathologist looked at my brothers slides and they are now going ahead with the transplant. He was there until 830pm. Another whole day but the news was encouraging. Now we need all the prayers you all have so that he can get throught the transplant without rejection and get to live. I was so surprised that after a month they finally got something resolved.

Alison, I hope that your scans and your hubbys are clean. I am sure that they are.

We are going to Busch Gardens tomorrow. My daughter got us all season passes. It is in Williamsburg, Va. so the drive is only about 2 1/2 hrs. from here.

Good luck to everyone