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I have noticed that whenever I get bad disc herniations (and even with stenosis before surgery) my bladder habits suddenly change. When I'm normal I only go a few times a day and flow is good, no problems starting, and I never go at night. But every time I have herniations, it seems at first I cant really go, but I feel like i have to all the time. And I get this feeling at night & wake up from it. That lasts a while, then I will start going constantly and several times through out the night, but yet it takes a while to start going or just dribbles. After my surgery, my bladder was normal again (although I was found to have a bladder infection at my pre-op testing..however, my bladder symptoms were going on for about 3 yrs or so, so I'm sure i didnt have an infection all that time) But all the other times ive had herniations with sciatica, I didnt have an infection, but all the same symptoms came back.
Since my latest herniations a few weeks ago, my pain has resolved on it's own, but my bladder symptoms are still here. Oddly I had a gyno appt during this latest flare up (which was awful due to the nerve pain i had) and they were having everyone fill out a bladder questionaire. When my doc saw some of my answers, she was like..WHAT???? And she set me up for some bladder tests next week (ultrasound, some potassium test, and something else) She did say it could be related to my spine issues, but wants other tests done to check. Gee, I think my elbows are the only body part I havent had any problems with yet LOL