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Linda, (& of course Kayla & others)

That's really lovely, what you said. I tried to put it here in quotes, but couldn't figure it out....I, too, believe God puts people in your life for a reason..."you're" definitely a special person, too...all the valuable information you've taken the time to post to everyone, always helps so much. I still don't know how to get in touch with people, outside of this forum. I wrote the "Moderator" (?) but didn't get a response.

If anyone reading this knows how to exchange personal information here, please let me know. I would SO love to meet some of you lovely people, too, down-the-road. I get teary-eyed, just thinking about it. You're right---this is a bond between us "gals" that will never be broken. I really do love you all. You've made an immense difference in my life.

Hey---your Hubby's birthday falls on my last chemo day??? Wow...
He's a Virgo.....what are you? I dabble in astrology, just for fun. It's funny, though, how sometimes it really rings true to one's personality. Mmmmm....Red Lobster sounds good. I haven't been there in a long time.

Yes...this singing career has been a love/hate situation for me all my life.
I'm embarrassed that I haven't gotten further, since I've had many opportunities to do something "bigger," but for some reason, remained "small." Like I've said earlier, it's a cut-throat business, just getting worse & worse....plus, younger and younger. I think Disney is controlling the whole music scene lately....plus MTV. I don't even want to go there... My husband calls it, "moral decay."

I called my chemo nurse awhile ago, and told her I was feeling o.k., and she said I didn't have to come in today..(they've been watching my blood sugar levels & potassium)..just to come tomorrow morning (with bells on) for my LAST chemo. I was going to buy my nurses something special, but I'm afraid to go out shopping right now. There's tons of viruses (colds, mostly) going around, and the LAST thing I want, is to get sick. I think I'll buy them something later. I'm "holing-up" for now.

It's a beautiful day here. I love the cooler nights & crisp days, don't you?
I'm starting to get giddy about being well!!! Oh, Dear God, I hope I am. I have LOTS of plans!

p.s. Any news on Donnie?