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I never really relized the full impact of just having low mag was til my son,while in liver failure,had it.wow.he had actual muscle contortions,not just 'spasms'.his hand actually had these really snappy like contortions.he had absolutley no control over his hand movements at all.it was unreal watching this for like ten minutes before i called his doc since they obviously were not going to stop on their own.just freaky.we ended up going back down to the old ER and when they ran his labs again(the week before it had been low potassium) now it was very dangerously low mag.once they started him on mag ox 400,they went away completely and we never saw them again.it was really crazy tho,all just because of a low mag level.found out the hard way just how very important mag and potassium are to regulating muscle control.glad you found some relief with mag.

just an FYI here for ya but taking hot baths with a cup of epsom salts really can do wonders for muscle stuff.it is just granulated mag.it dissolves in the water and it gets absorbed right thru the skin and into the sore/crampy/spasmy muscles.this helps alot with my severe leg spasticity i have just from SCI.it does work well for me,espescially right before bed.just a suggestion.marcia