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Thank you for the prayers, I definately needed them!! I just got home today, so I am very sore, cant talk long. Surgery was successful, but I will not know right away if the problem was solved due to the surgery pain and the decreased activity level. I was in the hospital 4 days. It was very hard, I had a bad reaction to the diladed and the morphine. I was really sick for 3 days, had a headache for 3 days and threw up a few times too. They finally took me off the diladed and morphine and the headache stopped a few hours later. Also, when they tested my blood I was low on potassium, so they hung a potassium on my iv, 5 minutes later i was screaming in pain, it blew up my blood vessels so big, caused so much pain, i came home in pain all throughout my arm,and red streaks its also swollen. They said it may hurt up to a week. UGH.

The back pain is not much worse than any other surgery I have had. It is more difficult to get comfortable laying down. Being on my side is the best position I can be in, but eventually get sore being in that position too.

The first two days I was wondering why I did this to myself, but when i started eating and not being sick, i am glad i went through with it.

I will write more as I progress, thank you for your prayers. I will try to keep up with the board as much as I can, it looks like i missed alot while i was gone! How are you feeling Monkey??