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Chab, thanks for thinking of me! I had an appt. for the ultrsound and the dr. wasn't very clear on things. They are scheduling a Hidiscan for the liver/gallbladder. Said it wasn't abnormally large or anything but something might not be functiong with something and they need a closer look. The still cant tell me why my potassium was low,but like i said i have felt so much better since the thyroid increase, but am still having nauseau, pain in the upper right abdomin. Not sure whats going on. I fell about four months ago and this is when everything went real bad. My back is tolerable as long as i don't do repetitive work thanks god and i'm still getting pain in my foot that almost knocks me off my feet lately, but i;m dealing okay!So thats the scoop! Take care!
Love ,monkey
chab, tried the patch, sleeping in the chair is a no go. I have to ask what are trigger point injections? Some days have been better then others this week. I have been having alot of spasms in my hand, my thumb does alittle jig on its own, very strange. I still have my arm in the sling & that is frustrating, I do admit the sling helps, but using one arm is a real pain. My daughter found a puppy on the side of the road this week & has been begging to keep it, I have one dog already so I said no way, she is 21 & does not take care of the dog we have now, which she promised to when she begged us to adopt her. I am sorry to hear about your families lose. I have another appointment monday also, I have a feeling he will be referring me to another doc. I hate starting all over again. The pain med makes me alittle moody so I have tried to limit it but I did end up with an extra dose one day this week, I called the pharmacy & asked if I could break it in half & they said yes. the meds can make me tired. I get in bed all excited to relax at the end of the day with a good book & I can't keep my eyes open. I could not believe my husband came into the bed the other night climbed in & woke me to hand him the remote for the tv, I almost screamed. The man could not get the remote before climbing into the bed. I swear one day I am going to burn all the remotes. I hope your appointment goes well monday,let me know about the injections.

Monkey, I am sorry to hear you are still suffering, are you able to eat? My sister went months like that before she could not take it anymore,started out nauseated then after while she could not even eat. Took them forever to do anything. They finally took out her gallbladder & she swears she still gets that feeling, she wonders if the gallbladder was her true or only problem. As for the thyroid it can be tricky I am amazed at all the problems it can cause. I know when my sister in law had low potassium her legs really hurt her. The body is so complex, it seems like it can take forever to find out what is wrong at times. you have younger children don't you? If so god bless you! that would be hard. I am curious to find out what the doctors say. Good luck.
Sammy, some days i have to force food or i think i'll be sicker if i don't as i know having low potassium can lead to a bad thing. I am and my sister in law is thinking it's the liver because of everything like where the pain is how it actually comes and goes but of course not everyone experiences the same things so who know and the ultrasound showed it was not enlarged and what really got me is that they did another cbc when i had just had one three days prior, it's almost like thier not telling me something but i could just be freaking out! The one thing i am kinda sad about is that i was hopeing it was actually an enlarged gallbladder because the dr. told me it could be pushing on something causeing my more extreme back pain/nerve pain possibly. I really wanted it to be something simple ya know! Yes i have teens and a smaller child to care for it just makes it hard to deal with thier dr.s appts. because of thier disabilities. I have really had to cut back and need to teach hubby the ropes so he can take some stuff over! I have heard alot say they still have trouble after gallbladder being removed even with my sister in law and she thinks it could be something else also with herself but hasn't pushed it yet. I hope your having a decent weekend! Take care!
Love, Monkey