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I'm glad you started a new thread. :)

7 1/2 hours?? Wow...You KNOW you're a trooper, at heart. I can tell.
The only thing I can share, at this point in my treatment, is that, I don't how many times, I said out loud (to my husband) "I don't think I can do this anymore..." He'd always say "but, you have no alternative...." And, he was right. Here I am, awaiting my radiation, but, CC...I had the BEST day I've had in ages & ages, yesterday. We did our little ride in the country, bought some pumpkins, visited a little, and I just thanked God over & over that I was alive and feeling as good as I was. The chemo symptoms seem to be subsiding some (not totally) ..but, it was so nice to go out like that.

The things I took for granted---never again. The sunshine, the leaves, even driving on the expressway, seemed so exciting to me. I realized I hadn't done some of those things in months & months---really, it seemed more like years. It's all "relative," isn't it?

So, my encouragement to you, CC, is....I know how awful chemo can be. I remember when I fainted after #6 (due to low blood sugar & potassium) I thought I'd NEVER make it 2 more treatments. Yes, they were hard...but, yes....Here I am. Awaiting the next step to wellness.

You'll get there. You've got to fight, fight, fight & stay as well as you can.
I get the feeling, that when all is "said & done," you and I, both, will feel better than ever! I had little glimpses of that yesterday.

I'm still as anticipatory of radiation as ever....but, everyone on here is so right, about sticking to your Onc's plan. That was the plan from Day #1, so...Onward & upward!!! :)

I just want to encourage you, CC...
And Linda...Have a lovely weekend. Keep us posted about your brother.
Love, S.