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I was trying to post an update to a previous post I did on here about bladder problems & spine problems. But my DSL kept cutting out & I lost everything I typed, so I gave up. But I'll try it again now since this is related.

Over the past several yrs even before I had surgery, I would (and still do) get flare ups of bladder problems. And after this happening many times, it seemed that it happened whenever I had bad spine compression, whether it be from stenosis and/or large disc herniations. It seemed shortly after, say, I had some large herniations, all of a sudden I could harly go to the bathroom. I would feel like I had to go all the time, but it only dribbled out. This would last about a week or two, then all of a sudden I would start going constantly, literally every 15 to 20 minutes round the clock. I've gone as many as 30 times a day. But yet it still doesnt seem like it all comes out. Before I had surgery, I had problems like this for a long time. Then I had some epidurals for sciatic pain and all of a sudden my bladder felt normal again & IN only went a couple times a day & never at night. When they wore off, it came back again, until I finally had surgery. Then I was doing great again until I had some bad herniations again, plus I had tissue lodged into a nerve in a lateral recess. Here came the bladder symptoms again. I got a nerve block, and it went away. Several weeks later, I had herniations again, and there went the bladder again. It's seems too much a coincidence to me.
Now since my last herniation pretty much healed on it's own, ive been alot better , tho not completely normal. I still wake up about twice per night to go and still have some hesitancy and some feelings like it didnt all come out. By chance, my Gynos office had a bladder questionaiire to fill out. When she saw how many times I go the bathroom while having these flare ups, she got concerned. So she set me up with another doc to have some bladder testing done. First I got checked for Interstitial Cystitis....that testing came back negative (it was called a Potassium test). Then last week I had a CMG (Cystometrogram) test, which tests bladder muscle control and I think nerve function. The doc was puzzled afterwards b/c my results didnt make much sense to him. I did tell him, though, that I was not really having a flare up at the time. He said it's maybe possible it could be nerve related, but he's not leaning towards that. He said the nerves to the bladder are way below the tail bone area and shouldnt be affected by disc herniations. But of course hes not a spine doc, so who knows. He gave me Detrol LA to try for a month and see if that does anything for me. He also said there is a little stimulation device that can be implanted in the rear that sends stimulation to the bladder nerves. He said it's an in-office procedure and it may possibly be another option to try anyway. It just figures that my problem was not in full swing while having these tests done. So at this point he's not really sure what could be causing my flare ups of all this and tho my results didnt make sense, he said that didnt mean that I dont have some problem going on. He's just not really sure what it is yet.

Also, when I had the horrible sciatica this past spring, I had such horrific constipation I almost went to the ER!! Nothing I took helped and I couldnt even push b/c the pain made me feel like i was going to pass out. That's all I will say about that.

I am supposed to see my spine surgeon next June again, unless I have more problems ( hope i dont). But if I do, I'll have to ask him what he thinks of my bladder flares & if it could be related to compression.