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Hey all, just wanted you spread the good news so far!
I quess i may have hit bottom after time cause i didn't get better, just got worse, but i listended to my body and went to the ER even after talking to the clinic and them saying it's not from the thyroid level they thought but when i went to the ER they did all kinds of blood wrok and said my levels were quit low and as my potassium. They started an IV and within a few days i am feeling much better! I was determined to get better before halloween with the kids and i think i did, but will know more in a few weeks i know, but i am feeling good now! Maybe just treating the Potassium alone did wonders! So this has lifted some weight off me in dealing with the back pain, now i am not fighting with the stomach discomfort as well! I have to go see my dr. in a few days and will see after my ultrasound if i even need to see a GI dr. as we thought the stomach problem may have been from the back problem or something else! Of course the ER Dr. didn't say that it might not be gallbladder or liver related, but right now i don't care i am happy to have some kind of comfort level here in my body somewhere, and although laying in the hospital bed did me no good for my back as i had a difficult time getting to sleep last night from it ugh, but i was so relieved after the fact, i would do it again!
Talk to you soon!
Love, Monkey
just great - so happy for you! Let me tell you: low Potassium causes severe tiredness, thyroid problems, heart palpitations, etc.
So I am glad they fixed this problem, hopefuly you will continue doing good!:angel: