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I know many people are quick to grab their medicine when their child gets sick or slab on the neosprin when their child gets cuts, but a lemon can do that same job for much less money and it is NATURAL so it doesn't contain all the extra junk that in loaded into our medications. I wanted to share what I have learned and what I now do at home.

Lemon is a natural antiseptic, so you can apply a lemon to a cut or to stop bleeding instead of a medicated cream.

High is potassium.

Lemon purifies the blood and helps rid the body of toxins, so it stops infections and can naturally help stop and rid your body of sickness and infections. It is antibacterial and antiviral.

My daughter is 19 months and NEVER been sick, literally. I also never get sick, and we never take medications either. We also do not get flu shots.
I give my daughter lemon water on a daily basis too. I just thought I would share what I do and I hope it helps some of you!

Does anyone else give their child lemon (lemon water) or use lemon at home?