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Chris, honey, I wish you tell me that you quit smoking!! I was told before my first surgery that is I wouldn't stop smocking (even though I was just a social one, one pack would be for 2 weeks) he would not do fusion since nicotine prevents bones to fuse.... and I stopped cold turkey 3 month before surgery. Never went back. But i realize how hard to do this for people who smocking a lot. Try, please, this is for your own good, Chris!

Thank you very much for you incouragment, I hope I will be OK. Surgery itself does not scares me, but not looking forward to recovery pain at all and just hope it will not get worse.
Honestly I am worry about being a very high risk for blood clots since they take off Coumadin a week before surgery and 4 weeks after. DR said that this a period is dangerous since due my heart condition (condition produces blood clots and strokes), withdrawal Coumadin and ortho surgery for many hours - danger is right there.
They gave me Enoxparin shots to give them to myself in a stomach for the week before surgery. Even though they also a blood thinners, but they last 12 hours only, Coumadin pill stays 3 days. Hopefuly it will protect me at least a week before surgery.
Whatever happens, happens , just want this day to come already, I don't like too much thinking and waiting is the worse for me.
When i was on Lasix, i was told that baked potato helps with lost of potassium and kalium.
I hope they will approve your surgery soon and maybe you will have some relieve - let me know about any updates.