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That's funny, Pepper. I clicked on this to say try a heating pad. Ice makes mine worse. Just goes to show, we're all different. :) I've also heard that quinine pills help. Also make sure you're getting enough calcium and potassium.

Emily :wave:
are you talking about spasms or crumps? They are different and the cause of them different too.
If they are legs crumps - Magnesium/Calcium, Potassium work wonders. Water pills can cause them since body looses minerals.

My leg spasms caused by damaged nerves after my fusion. As bad as crums are, spasms are so much worse, and so much more painful. Nothing helps me, I can't find any comfort in doing ice, heat, hot water - nothing. Pain to the point of screaming.
Dr can't give me any advice, he says that everybody who gets them saying that this is unberable pain. Specially when it starts in a middle of the night - forget it!
Sammy, thanks! My sister in law said today that the ones i am getting my legs could be due to not enough potassium as i have had problem with that in the past. But she said the leg pain ect. seems and sounds like a nerve issue and i said you think. It just doesn't make any sense. And she did say she though that what i am experiencing with my stomach is the spasms also as i described it to her, wether it's due to the back issue or what i will find out on the 31 st in guess. Thanks for the info i am gonna try to get back in the doctors and see if i can get something for this as well and something for depression ugh.
Love, Monkey
Monkey, she is correct my sisterinlaw went through the leg problem & her potassium did come back low. Perhaps a good supplement & bannanas, at least you'll see if there is a difference with the legs. Good luck, try not to let it get you down, I know its hard, unless you have taken anti depressants be careful if your doc gives you something, like all meds everyone reacts different to them, me I did terrable ended up in ER on one, I got super depressed on another to point of having sucicide thoughts, which was not like me at all. Some swear by them especially to help the pain. So good luck, I know you have children & I feel for you. Take care, Sammy