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Christa, sorry you are having such a hard time. I to have had swollen lymph nodes for years now. doc's don't seem to be concerned. Hot flushing in the face as well started in the summer of 06 chalked it up to Menopause I'm 47. Then began having a series of episodes, Hot flush in face then heart rate up palpitations, chest pain, SOB.,nausea,dizziness and extreme exhaustion. My first bad experience with this I went to emerg, had high troponin low potassium, renal function poor. But CRP was normal. ECG showed nothing too interesting.I had an angiogram that was OK. A week later I had awful chest pain, had a high D-Dimer 4500 scary. This was never diagnosed as being anything.Also scary. Anyway you should check with cardioligist about CRP as this can be a marker for heart disease and inflamation. As for lymph nodes do they hurt when you touch them or are they painless? and what doe's your doc say about your abnormal blood tests? Night sweats is another thing I have, but could also be meno, although I'm way over that now says the doc. I continue to have those episodes though, and when they are really bad I will go to emerg, and it's always the same.high troponin low potassium etc.. I have just seen an endo and am having some other cardio testing done. These lymph nodes you have are interesting though. As I do have these all over my body. But never paid much attention to them as I am so busy with all this other stuff. Hope this is helpful to you in some way. Julie.