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Dear Kayla,
I know you are scared dear anyone would be. Don's fight was incredible but he had such a poor prognosis from the very beginning that it truly would have been a miracle if he survived. Even if the transplant took they said his leukemia would probably come back in 3 months because of the type he had.

I miss him so and I try and not think of him as gone for good. It overwhelms me to think of it.

If you are having a hard time with your words you might want to mention it to your chemo nurse. When your calcium and sodium are off it can cause some problems. Do you have any cramping, tingling, etc? You may need to have a chem profile that will check your calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium.

It is good that you still have an interest in TV....that is good. I watch Deal or No Deal too and love Howie.

Keep up your spirits.....write down your fears, alot of times it helps when you write things down. It helps you to get them out of your head some.

When are you having your scans? It is natural for you to feel the way you do. It is the uncertainty of everything that makes it unbearable at times.
You are alot stronger than you think. You are my hero. That is for sure.

Bofonic....great words of wisdom. You have a wonderful way in saying things.

Singer, So sorry to hear that you are sick. Keep yourself warm and eat and drink. The detox is the last day and I have lost 5 lbs. so far. I am very happy. My hubby lost 4.6 and he is bummed cause he is walking over 5 miles every day and I am just cleaning and organizing the house. He doesn't realize
that I have alot of water weight and that is why I lost more. He is a great
partner though and I do not think I could have done this without him.

Hope you all have a great evening. My son-in-law's grandmother passed away so he will be flying to Fla on Sat. My daughter is not going as the air
fares were very high. He has to leave at 530am for the flight. We are
expecting snow this week-end. I hope so.

Love to you all

Glad to answer.....Iron can be hard on your digestion and cause alot of stomach trouble so if one supplement is better than the other in regards to your stomach than use that one. Some supplements are better when used in conjunction with other vitamins for absorption but I am really rusty in remembering what goes with what.

All B vitamins are good for nerves, neuropathy, vertigo (Dizziness), breathing.

Electrolye balance is essential to health. When one is off it domino's to the next and then you are in trouble. People do not understand that these elements are critical in maintaining heart, kidney function, and brain function.
Calcium imbalance can affect your heart when too high or too low as well as
potassium regulates the rhythm of your heart. Chemotherapy can alter these
chemistries and cause serious problems. These can be avoided if properly monitored.

Any symptom that gets worse over a prolonged period should not be avoided especially when you have gone through chemo.

I am sharing this evening with my daughter. Her hubby is in Fla. due to his grandma passing away.

Kayla, Hope that you are feeling better. Keep us posted.