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If you regularly consume milk products (cheese, yogurt, etc), then it's probable that you are getting plenty of calcium in your diet, in which case calcium supplements will add too much calcium to your diet, throwing off your mineral balance.

If you never or rarely eat milk products, then you may or may not find a supplement helpful. Vegetarians can get calcium from certain veggies. I've seen sesame seeds, spinach, and mustard and collard greens listed as being high in calcium.

The problem is that our bodies need a balance of minerals in order to function properly. Just popping one mineral supplement without thinking about the other minerals (such as magnesium and potassium for example) can cause an imbalance. Too much of something can be as bad as too little. For example, if you take in too much calcium and at the same time have too little phosphorus, you could wind up with calcium being deposited in the soft tissues of the body.

I suggest you look at your diet to see if you even need to be concerned about how much calcium you're getting. A varied diet can normally give us a wide range of minerals, in a balance that the body can handle.