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My pain is the worst it has been since surgery. Surgery was Sept. 2006. In Sept. 2007 the pain started down the leg. I started the epidural shots in November. I had the 6th shot a week ago. Next step is radio frequency. About a month ago I started getting horrible leg cramps. I use to get toe cramps that came and went over the years. Nothing this bad. Lately they are worse and worse. I woke up yesterday with a horrible pain in my calf. It is over 24 hours and it still hurts pretty bad. I tried stretching it out. Nothing helps. The Oxycodone I take doesn't even help. I already take 2400mg of Skelaxin which is a muscle relaxant. I mentioned to the pain managment doctors and they said drink tonic water. I can't drink carbonation first of all. Plus I think I need something more then that. They said Quinine. They took that off the market because of the side effects. I already have low Potassium and take meds for that. It has been a normal reading. I take B12 already. I don't see anything that is different other then the shots. They really hurt. It is not something you can just rub away. They hurt for days. Has anyone gotten alot of leg cramps? What have you done for them? Thanks.
I had those super duper muscle cramps myself that would grip and last for hours on end, then on the edge of cramping right back up.

Someone gave me some advice to take some calcium supplements. That someone just happened to be a pharamcist alchemist. I have had kindey stones in past years and it wasn't on top of my list to take calcium. But with that pain I was willing to try anything it hurt so badly.

I got some that day, took some, and that night.. no cramps!! NONE! I was amazed, and thrilled to pieces, and my rest was so much more relaxed as well. It took care of it entirely.

Quainine is also used for people, but in our case we would need a RX dose for it to really help enough.

The calcium is a natural mineral and worth a try to see if it helps you. I use a calcium/potassium/magnesium supplement. Calcium is not just for bones but also for our muscles to properly contract.

Hope this brings you relief like it did for me.
Hey there, Hessie and fellow cramp sufferers.

I get those monster cramps too in my calves and feet and sometimes I have to get out of bed at night and walk or stretch them out. I started taking a multivitamin a few days ago and they're less frequent, so that's a bonus.

Hessie, I hope yours are temporary and pass soon.

Is it worse for you guys at night? Are these spasms from potassium or calcium deficiencies or somehow related to nerve problems? I guess cramps and spasms go together, eh?

My doc told me to take extra muscle relaxants before bed, but if eating more bananas and spinach will do the trick, I'd rather just do that.
Bay -- I would put the soap in my bed, but one of my dogs would probably eat it. ;)

Pep -- Lidoderm does zilch for my cramps, but it does help me with the foot pain (the non-cramp variety).

Mine cramping was mostly at night. They started in the foot or calve and because I couldnt get up fast enough, by the time I got up out of the bed, the cramp would often crawl up the back inner leg up into my thigh and into my groin area. OUCHY!!! It brought tears and my boyfriend right out his sleep too. They hurt soooo much.

I was taking my pain meds and muslce relaxer at the time and it wasn't helping at all.

I kid you not, the calcium/magnesium/potassium supplement cured my problem. I was totally skeptical that it would work, but it did.

It's worth trying it for a few days and see what results you get. It's totally natural (get ones with no crap in them). If you are still not sure, check with your doctor and phramacist.

Wishing you all a crampless night! But it's superbowl night.. so no clinching anything either! lol.

Yep, Im a girly girl that just happens to love football. Seeyou!