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Excellent advice, gib. :)


There is so much a person can do through lifestyle modifications (if very motivated) that any need for medication can be either greatly reduced or eliminated completely.
With your level of blood pressure the dietary approaches and other modifications are sure to work.

These include:

sodium restriction. As seen in the DASH trial, a combination of DASH diet and a lower sodium intake resulted in an average reduction of 7.1mmHg in normal people, 11.5mmHg in hypertensive people. This is as much of a reduction in blood pressure as is achieved with some antihypertensive meds.

Increasing potassium and protein intake (directly benefiting our blood pressure, as shown in the DASH trial) Another trial to check out would be the INTERSALT trial, a very large scale trial which aimed to determine the effect of potassium on blood pressure. You should read it. Low potassium dietary intake is directly associated with elevations in blood pressure.

Decreasing of dietary fat consumption
Moderation of alcohol consumption
Weight reduction
- if overweight or obese -an excellent study to read regarding these issues is the TONE trial which tested whether weight loss or reduced dietary sodium intake could lower the blood pressure enough to allow people previously on bp meds to discontinue them and stay off the medication.

Stress reduction and quitting smoking

I believe these lifestyle changes, if adhered to for an extended period of time, would keep your blood pressure within normal range.:)

If medication becomes necessary, ACE inhibitors are good as they do not interfere with cognitive function and cardiovascular reflexes, unlike some other antihypertensive meds. ARBs are also excellent and their side effects are comparable to placebo - so that higher doses can be used for great results without adverse effects. Alpha blockers have not been used as first line therapy in hypertension since the ALLHAT study. In this study, one arm had to prematurely discontinue doxazosin as first line antihypertensive treatment. As much as I have complained about the diuretics and their side effects, they are still a very effective and relatively safe medication in LOW doses for most people. :D
Selection of antihypertensive drug therapy takes into consideration many factors - age, health, present cardiovascular disease risks, coexisting conditions, the current level of blood pressure and others. If the blood pressure is more than 20/10 points above treatment goal, two drugs in low combination -one of them usually a thiazide diuretic-are recommended as set out in the treatment guidelines. You should not be needing medication rightaway. Ask your doctor for an extention - one month is not long enough to initiate adequate changes in your blood pressure. Do your best. Good luck!

RELAX and stop worrying. Stress and anxiety are counterproductive and contribute to your elevated blood pressure.