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Well, guess I'm not a reindeer cause I certainly can't DASH when it comes to grains!!! I made some oatmeal cookies (low fat/sugar) with a heaping 1/3 cup of seame seeds plus wheat germ, honey, & WW flour. I ate 6- 8 servings of grains a day. This made me so tired. I usually get tired when I eat grains so I try to limit mine to 2 servings & time that with taking a nap. If I didn't have acid reflux then perhaps I could eat 6 servings throughout the day to lessen the fatigue. I didn't see any change in my b/p from eating extra grains. Also, I ate more fruits which didn't seem to bother me as much as the grains.

Couldn't sleep last night because I started getting reflux. I forgot to eat a slice of cheese at dinner with my meds plus I got a little wild with the red pepper flakes on my spagetti. So today I'm in a recovery mode hoping I get enough potassium. My stomach is better but I don't think I better chance drinking orange juice.

So had 3 eggs, macroni & cheese (homemade), brocolli plus lots of tea. Tomrrow I should be better. Calories 1251 I'll try to stay close to 1200 calories which seems to be my limit. I can't stand feeling so stuffed with more calories even though my Dr. (Endo) seems to think that would prevent my body from going into starvation mode.

He did say that beta blockers do affect hunger sensations so that may be why I don't get physically hunger as much. I had asked him if the feeling of hunger is a good indication of needing more calories.

I seem to only need about 1200 calories a day or an average of 50 calories /hour during normal activities. If I eat a 200 calorie meal, I won't be physically hungry for 4-5 hrs. I've been doing some experimenting in the last couple of weeks. I think it is worthwhile to find out just how it feels to be physically hungry as opposed to just wanting to eat for the taste sensation. I know one thing, I'm tired of carrying around my 46 lb tummy :).

Beth, good planning. Making one dish for the table & one for the freezer. Dr. Laura says that about week 2 or three we have a set back in losing weight so we just have to pick ourselves up & start all over again. I'm learning a lot doing this log-thanks for starting it. Fam