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Are you able to drink fluids? If not, I would not wait until wed. for the appointment because you could could get dehydrated which is bad for your heart if you have an electrolyte imbalance. Try to eat bananas for potassium and drink soup/broth for the salt and some nutrients which helps restore electrolytes. Drinking something like gatorade is good for this. You could also try saltine crackers which is bland. Don't just drink water. You could take over-the-counter dramamine for the nausea. They also have suppositories for nausea but I believe it is only available with a prescription (compazine). Are you throwing up or just feel nausea? If you are throwing up, call the doctor on call and tell them so you can get in on Monday or you can go to a walk-in-clinic. Going to the ER might be helpful since they can give you an IV fluids for dehydration and they have stronger meds. for nausea like phenergan. A walk-in-clinic will not have such things. I hope you feel better soon:).